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"The most important thing is to define your goals."

Bio:  Dave Goodenough, MBA

Dave Goodenough attended Penn State and the University of West Florida, earning a B.S. in Chemistry and an MBA. He worked for a major chemical company for over 20 years, rising to an executive level position where he was responsible for a $400 million segment of the business. Prior to that role he led a project that developed a computerized information system that utilized Activity Based Costing in order to quickly get vital information to business managers. He eventually left the company in order to go into business for himself, operating a large construction subcontracting firm. He later sold that company and became the owner of two service franchises and a water treatment distributorship. Dave eventually turned over the daily operations of those businesses to a General Manager, and stepped into the role of managing the finance and accounting segment of the businesses. Taking advantage of an offer by the franchising organization, he sold the two franchises back to the franchisor and then negotiated the sale of his distributorship to a fellow distributor in the adjacent county. He and his wife then moved back to Pensacola where they were married several decades ago! After spending several years in retirement, Dave decided that it wasn’t for him; so he re-entered the job market in a consulting role, specializing in bookkeeping, accounting and business development.

What Really Matters to us

Bio:  Bill Eveleth, MBA (Finance) 

Prior to starting his own business in 2004, Bill had a multi-decade corporate career which allowed him and his family to travel internationally as well as throughout much of the United States.  His last corporate position was as Senior Vice President of Finance at a Fortune 50 company where he had a team of over 500 professional employees. 

Bill is a business coach, an author, business owner, financial consultant and public speaker.

Bill teaches graduate level Operations Management at the University of Arkansas and taught business classes at Pensacola State College for 4 years in Pensacola Florida where he and his family currently live. 
Bill has written 3 books, his most recent being: Operations Management, Leading to Greatness; a book about applying the basics in organizational operations to drive success.  Which he uses as his text book at the University of Arkansas’s Masters of Science in Operations Management program.  He teaches 3 out of the four core courses in the program, Operations Management, Project Management and Management Organization and Control.  He uses his academic knowledge, business experience and teaching skills to suggest and drive effective solutions in his client’s businesses.

Bill enjoys the outdoors; he is an avid runner having completed 13 half marathons and most recently a Tough Mudder. 

About Us

Bio:  Heather Lloyd

Heather Lloyd has 25+ years of accounting experience in roles spanning from Travel Accountant to General Manager to Controller.  Her knowledge of accounting and operations has been applied in a vast range of company settings including Construction, Real Estate, Entertainment, Corporate Rentals, Interior Decorating, Franchises, and Marketing Agencies.  Heather prides herself on quick integration into any accounting set up, and an easy to work with personality.  She specializes in bookkeeping, audits, balance sheet reorganization, collections procedures, and sales tax


Her personal motto: “Knowledge is the process of piling up facts. Wisdom lies in their simplification.”

As a recent transplant from the Midwest to the Florida coast, Heather enjoys swimming, reading, and spending time with her husband at the beach.

1. We build relationships with our clients based on honesty and trustworthiness.

​2. We look towards technology for efficient solutions.

3. We believe long-term business health requires strong fundamentals be set in place. 

​4. We complete our work efficiently with the highest level of integrity and quality possible.

​5. We never lose sight of our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients; their business's reputation, and long-term health come before short-term gains.​​​