​​The Fractional CFO

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the business philosophy of the Fractional CFO? 
We believe that business should be just a bit boring.  We like predictability; we like control; we like to know the purposeful direction our businesses are heading before we start. 

We stay away from crisis management and shun chaos.

We hold people, including ourselves, accountable to commitment and believe that through it all, business should make money.  That is fun!

What are the Values of the Fractional CFO? 
1.  We build relationships with our clients based on honesty and trustworthiness.

​2.  We look towards technology for efficient solutions.

​3.  We believe long term business health requires strong fundamentals be set in place.

​4.  We complete our work efficiently with the highest level on integrity and quality possible.

​5.  We never lose sight of our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients; their business's reputation and long-term health come before short-term gains. 

I have a CPA, why do I need a Fractional CFO? 
A Fractional CFO is a business partner vested in your success.  Most accountants look at historic performance and provide reports that are rarely actionable. 

​Your Fractional CFO will use the numbers to develop strategy, assess and handle tough HR situations, align marketing decisions, formulate cash flow requirements, and address the host of challenges associated with running a dynamic business.

Can I afford a Fractional CFO? 
Most Fractional CFO's find enough hard savings to more than cover their costs with in 90 days. 

Most of our clients profitability greatly increases after engaging a Fractional CFO. 

YES, you can afford a Fractional CFO.

Will my Fractional CFO be my employee? 
No.  Your Fractional CFO is an independent business owner (no need for 1099’s) and you will be billed directly from The Fractional CFO for his/her services.