One page/landing page:

A one page website, called a “landing page” due to the nature of the page’s objective, (i.e., to get prospects to “land” on the page).  Generally, this type of website is appropriate for businesses that market a product or service through a “link” in an e-mail, Facebook or other type of campaign such as adwords.  When a visitor clicks on the link, they are taken to the landing page and motivated to make a purchase, sign up for an offer, give information for a future sales call, etc.  The objective of this type of website is to get prospects to complete one task and as a result of the focused nature, costs are typically minimized.  Costs for this type of website range from $800 – $1,500 depending on the project scope.

Small business informative:

A common business website.  Generally with 4 – 10 pages.  Our standard website starts with the following 5 pages:  Home, About, Contact, Services, (last page selected from among: Mission/Vision, Services, Press, Testimonials, Blog, News, Other).  Each website will also have a video of the owner. We typically use a GoDaddy template for the sites, allowing us to keep our prices low and quality very high.  Costs for this type of website can range from $1,500 to $4,000+ depending on the project scope.

Google + Page:

A google + page can be a bit daunting, but having one puts you on the "map".  A google + page can be your single best friend for your

business on the internet.  We'll set yours up for you.  Costs typically run $750.


We will typically recommend that you host your site with GoDaddy; you will pay for this directly with GoDaddy

Logo design:

You tell us in general what you want, we’ll get you 10 custom logos to select from.  Costs for a typical custom logo $1,250.

Social media pages:

Facebook:    If done in conjunction with a website, 40% of the cost of the website.  If done on a standalone basis, prices will range from $750 - $3,000

YouTube:    We’ll get your channel set up and help you post videos  (does not include any video production or editing).  $500

SEO/keyword research/adwords:       

The best website in the country won’t do you any good unless someone can find it.   Month 1 $1,000, future months $500.


Trifold:    Still an effective marketing tool.  Design services, $1,250.  Printing, market rates.

One sided:    Design services, $750.  Printing, market rates.

Marketing effectiveness assessment:               

Let our team of professionals review your current marketing programs and give you an educated and unbiased view of what you are doing right, how effective your marketing spending is and what you can do better.  We will review your website, social media, print, radio and other media spending and provide you with a detailed view of our findings and recommended action steps.  Prices range from $1,500 to $10,000.

​​The Fractional CFO